Intercom System

There are different varieties of intercom and door phone systems which are widely used in residential buildings, business premises, shopping centers, office blocks, parking garages, etc. Intercom system helps in identification of visitors and gives an added security.

Intercom systems have an effective rule for home security in this crime-prone world. This system not only enables people to tighten the security measures of the homes but also to avoid unwanted or unwelcome visitors like salesmen etc.

Intercom systems not only improve security but they can be used within offices to communicate quickly between floors. An internal communication system will help to increase productivity, and could potentially lower  the cost. As they are operating on the same network, the only costs are the initial instillation and the electricity needed to power the system. It is possible to preload numbers into the system for speed dials.

ARA Technical Works is committed to customer satisfaction and to provide the best possible solution fulfilling the need of the client. With  the  latest innovation in intercom systems, you are not required to wake up every time your door bell rings or there is someone ringing the bell. The high level convenience provided by being able to speak to or see a person who is at the door is one of the greatest benefits offered by an intercom system. There are also other security features such as button that can help lock and unlock the doors without getting near to them.

This service can be availed for all kind of premises, like:

  1. Homes                                                     4. Training/Educational Institutions
  2. Offices                                                    5. Supermarkets/Stores
  3. Residential Buildings                     6. Car Parking