Electrical Services

We are expert in electrical services, emergency shutdown repairs, panel board rewiring, breaker replacement, pumps repairing & replacement. All type of electrical switches, short circuits, electrical troubleshooting and lighting. Apart from other services we offer electrical services in Dubai. Electric services being the core need of the people will be available at your door step. We provide electrical services in all over Dubai.

  • Electrical Shutdowns – Emergency Shutdowns

  • Lighting Works – Light connection & Wire Problems

  • Panel Board – Repair or Install new Electric DB

  • Breakers – All kind of Breakers Repair/Replacement

  • Electric Pumps – Repair/Replace Electric Pumps

  • Electrical Switches – Repair/Replace Switches

  • Electrical Cables – Repair/Replace Wires/Cables   

  • Earthing – Earth Leakage Problems

  • Electrical Insulations – Electrical Insulations

  • Electrical Appliances – Installaton & Repair

  • Short Ciruits – Electrical Short Circuits Problems

  • Electrical Troubleshooting – Troubleshooting