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Security Importance

Daily routine of a person needs basic security and safety whether it is related to his/her life, his/her assets, his/her secret information to make their life comfortable. In this world where technology has taken over the path of our life, the quest for a safe and peaceful living still lingers around the need of every developing or third world people.

Home security has always been regarded as the core when comes to addressing the safety and security aspect of our daily life. The moment we leave our home, we have made addicted ourselves to tick to control systems making sure that it is guarding our valuables and the things important to us. Once it was considered to be impossible to remotely control our homes/offices security through technology is now has now become things of second nature of our daily life.

In developed cities every bit of our movement is recorded. We are always looked after by hidden cameras, access to homes/offices and some of the buildings have been controlled by Access Control System. There is a sense among poor people that insecurity and instability affect them more than anything else, whether it is through crime and violence, conflict, or through unresponsive, corrupt and abusive security agencies like Police/Rangers/Army.

In diverse environment and rapidly changing lifestyle the parameters can we apply are CCTV Camera System, it will provide the footage of activities around us, Access Control System, it will help in authorized access to our premises, Intrusion Alarm system, it will warn us if intruders or burglars are trying to enter our premises, Automatic Barriers and Gates, it ensures a safe and secure entrance whether at home or parking, Public Alarm System, it helps us for emergency situation announcement.

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