Security Barrier

Automatic Barriers and Gates

Safety and Security is the need of present era. Always keeping an eye on the entrance of your premises is a tough job. So why not to take benefit from technology?. Monitoring the entrance to your premises is important, and automatic gates and barriers play an important part in allowing access to your business area. Automatic gates and barriers can ensure that only authorized visitors are entering the premises. Apart from an ideal solution for controlling vehicle transit, Gate Barriers also play a defining role in making you feel peaceful and safe.

ARA Technical Works has wide range of security measurements, depending on your requirements be it a security camera system, access control system, intrusion alarm system, IT solutions, automatic gates and barriers, and public alarm system. We offer our services on very affordable price in Dubai, UAE. We value our customers and make them to feel proud on our services.

Along with homes and offices security parking security is also important. Without barriers on parking entrance there will be no no check balance on who is entering and who is leaving the parking and who is the authorized person. If we install automatic barriers on parking entrance it will make possible the possible accommodation of cars in the parking.

Car park barricades are certainly useful in safeguarding car parks. From large organizations to small retail stores, all of them benefit from incorporating them inside their parking lots. One can choose from different shapes, overall sizes and varieties, which fulfill the safety demands. They are often distinct for each and almost every use in addition to the choices for permitting various protection standards.

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